Merry Cheesemas! The Perfect Stocking Filler

We can all agree that stocking fillers have changed, there’s been a big shift from the traditional tangerine to something a whole lot better! The gift experiences available on our website include something for everyone, from gifts for karaoke kings to wine connoisseurs we’ve got you covered. We even have the perfect gift for the discerning cheese lover…

Darcy’s Signature Cheese Trolley for 2 – £15



The perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon, this unique experience is available for two guests to enjoy Darcy’s signature cheese trolley. As well as featuring a selection of the world’s finest cheeses from one of Glasgow’s finest cheesemongers, it also comes with premium crackers, handmade chutney and fruit. It also goes pretty well with a good bottle of wine, which Darcy’s are more than capable of taking care of.


All cheese included in the trolley is hand selected from local cheesemonger George Mewes. With a passion for the highest quality, George Mewes specialise in unusual and award winning cheeses with a carefully balanced selection of world class British and Continental Artisan cheese. To ensure the finest taste and texture all cheeses have been matured in specialised conditions.


Darcy’s Signature Cheese Trolley for 2 – £15.90